The Walking Dead Negan's Bat Lucille Replica
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This authentic replica is crafted to match the exact specifications as the bat carried by Jeffery Dean Morgan, who portrays Negan on AMC's The Walking Dead. Complete with identical markings and barbed wire wrapped barrel end.

The Negan's Bat Lucille Prop is made from top quality Polyurethane foam, giving it the most realistic screen used look and feel.

Negan's Bat Lucille is 36 inches and weights almost two pounds. You will swear that this was the original screen used bat held by the most famous leader in the Walking Dead Universe, Negan.

  • Item #: TOT-TWD-LUCIlLE
  • Manufacturer: Trick Or Treat Studios
  • Condition: New

The Walking Dead Negan's Lucille Bat Replica

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